Global 1000

Bringing jobs from Ferguson to every urban city in America.


What We Do


We build from the bottom up, starting with a strong infrastructure to support the region’s many neighborhoods. By leveraging partnerships between the public and private sectors, we stimulate the economy with real estate developments that create jobs, build and revive communities, and improve quality of life for all.


By providing expert business, economic, and policy advice to each city — both the not-for-profit and for-profit private sectors — we work to ensure that region remains a global center of commerce and culture. We work with the city’s workforce department and the regional chamber on strategic issues and devising programs that help to attract and retain world-class companies and professionals — including minority businesses.

In order to diversify and grow each city’s economy, our extensive initiatives are designed to assist their various sectors and to introduce actionable plans to make our vision for the city’s future a reality. 


Our emphasis on minority business development and job creation through corporations  generates revenue while creating jobs and new business opportunities. We partner with other organizations to ensure that our potential employees have access to jobs and minority businesses have access to opportunities.


We provide the financial tools access that allow businesses and not-for-profits to grow and create new jobs. We also fund public and private projects that generate jobs and revenue — investments for now and for the future.

We are dedicated to investing growth and capital — and that's not just economic. Global 1000 is an initiative to invest in humanity, placing trust and commitment into everyday people to bring a vibrant, rich, and rewarding future to urban America.

Ferguson. Baltimore. Miami. Chicago. Los Angeles. Your city could be next.

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Training and Events

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Resumé Building

A resumé is an essential job skill, whether you're working for a little or a lot of money. Global 1000 trains job-seekers resumé building — knowledge that will last a lifetime.

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Haircuts and Styling

A nice haircut can be the attention to detail that gets you an offer. Global 1000 helps job-seekers to attain the confidence and detail needed to nail that interview.

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Dressing for Success

A good suit can make all the difference — looking professional and dressing for success helps both in interviews and in confidence. Global 1000 provides free suits for job-seekers.