Our Mission

Build from the bottom, up. We develop, manage, advise, and invest to make all regions stronger. With locations in five major cities across the United States, our mission is to be a primary economic engine in urban areas.

We are a collection of CEO’s, Community Leaders, Technology Specialists, Youth Trainers, Construction Experts, Economic Development Experts, and Faith Based Leaders. We use our expertise to develop, advise, manage, and invest to strengthen businesses and help neighborhoods thrive. We make the region stronger.

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Resumé Building

A resumé is an essential job skill, whether you're working for a little or a lot of money. Global 1000 trains job-seekers resumé building — knowledge that will last a lifetime.

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Haircuts and Styling

A nice haircut can be the attention to detail that gets you an offer. Global 1000 helps job-seekers to attain the confidence and detail needed to nail that interview.

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Dressing for Success

A good suit can make all the difference — looking professional and dressing for success helps both in interviews and in confidence. Global 1000 provides free suits for job-seekers.